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A blurred police car in the background behind yellow crime scene tape.

Many of us worked from home during the pandemic, and the common thing I’ve been hearing since some of us have returned to the office is “drivers sure are angrier and drive more aggressively now.” I have noticed that on my own commute there’s a specific area where cars are supposed to yield but no longer do so;  I’ve seen everything from motorcycles to school buses no longer obeying the rules of the road these days, so I try to stay extra vigilant while driving.  I’m not sure you’ve noticed this change Dear Reader, but there’s been enough talk about it that Pub Med (National Institutes of Health) actually published a paper on it in August. In it, the document states that a full 33% of drivers admit to driving more aggressively.

Here’s a fantastic example of why you shouldn’t.  According to Law and Crime, Beyond Meat’s COO Doug Ramsey probably bit off a bit more than he could chew after another driver tapped the wheel of his car when trying to inch his way into traffic, leaving Razorback Stadium.  Ramsey allegedly responded by punching out the other car’s rear windshield and getting into a physical altercation with the other driver, biting and “ripping the meat off” of the nose of the other driver.

I discovered this particular article when a friend shared it with me with the expected vegetarian jokes.

I believe this should serve as a warning that wherever you commute is, make sure you stay safe, obey all rules of the road, and stay calm while driving.  Leave a few minutes early, and arrive safely.