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Shoes That ‘Supposedly’ Make Women Look Older Than What They Are

When it comes to fashion, each their own. You may have a sweatshirt that makes you feel your best and most confident or a pair of shoes that give you a sense of comfort and nostalgia. But sometimes, some of those favorite clothing items in your closet can make you look older. If you're someone who likes keeping up with fashion trends or doesn't want to age yourself with your fashion choices, then you may want to rethink some of your shoe styles. Best Life, a lifestyle magazine, collaborated with style coaches and fashion experts to compile a list of shoes that make women look older. One of their style coaches said that shoes are the "most powerful tool" women have in their style toolbox. "They can single-handedly turn a ho-hum dress into a super stylish outfit, [and] they can also ruin a potentially cute outfit and turn it frumpy," they wrote. Different heels are always going in and out of style, but the magazine points out that wedge pumps are dated. "The silhouette tends to skew frumpy, so look for sleeker design details like a slanted or contoured wedge, almond-toe or pointed shapes, and high-vamp or low-cut styles for a more contemporary look that won't date you," said their certified image stylist. Interestingly, the wedge shoe hit the scene around the 1930s, according to the FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. The New York Times reported that the wedge’s popularity can be traced to the mid-1960s. Another outlet mentioned their popularity reached a peak in the 2010s when wedge sneakers were the must-have footwear. So, there may be a workaround if you simply can’t part with your wedges. Comfort is always a must when it comes to shoes, but if you’re a slip-on sneaker person, then you’ll be sad to see that they made their list. They said, "Open back, slip-on sneakers take effortless-casual to the extreme, and not in a good way.” But don’t fret. Their experts suggest wearing Velcro shoes if shoelaces are too much. Apparently, Velcro shoes have a cleaner look compared to slip-on sneakers. Also on their list are shoes with too many embellishments. You may have seen this style of shoe at concerts, festivals, or an art fair. But how do they make women look older? The shoe's over-the-top colors and abundance of embellishments can easily age us and have the "unfortunate effect of making it appear like we're desperately trying to stay young and hip." Other shoe styles on the list include "technical" sneakers, clogs, and strappy sandals, among others. Check out the full list here. [select-listicle listicle_id="625595" syndication_name="6-nostalgic-fashion-trends-gracing-your-closet-again" description="yes"]

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