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I’ve been trying to keep fit, especially as I get older.  Exercise can improve your health, and even your memory, so it really is very important to exercise every day. I have an exercise bike at home and recently got a gym membership so I can walk 2-3 miles every day on the treadmill.  It’s all part of my effort to keep active, keep healthy, and live longer!

Hopefully, I can stay in shape so when I’m a little older, I can take part in the Senior Olympics! This year the events take place mostly in Woodbridge, and people are signing up now.  So if you’re into spots, there is a full list of activities on the Senior Olympics website. Most Activities from Bocce to swimming, track and field and more will be at various sites in Woodbridge.  Archery will be held in Bloomfield, and Golf in Scotch Plains.  Beach Volleyball’s location is to be determined, keep checking their website.

You can register for the games by going here. People from all over New Jersey will be participating, and you can see medalists form Senior Olympics past at the website.

Best of all, training for the event will give you the exercise that you need to stay fit!