Alan David Stein

Alan David Stein

Alan David Stein


Alan-David-Stein_500x500Hometown and what you like best about it:
Edison, NJ – The Parsonage Diner (not there any more), JP Stevens High School (definitely still there…and kicking Edison High’s butt every Thanksgiving!)

What makes New Jersey a great place to live?
Close proximity to New York and Philly….Doo Wop was born and raised, and flourished in our backyard!

If you weren’t living here but could live anywhere on earth, where would it be and why?
A place like Tahiti…..on the beach….a pina colada in hand, my honey on my left, and an acappella group harmonizing on my right.

Favorite Classic Oldies from the 50’s?
Wait…gimme a sec…I can’t get that Tahiti visual out of my mind. OK, now I’m better. “Life is But a Dream” by the Harptones, “I’m So Young” by the Students, “What a Surprise” by the Crests (best “story” song—in ANY genre ever written..It could have been an episode on “Love American Style”), the entire “Paragons Meet the Jesters” LP, plus…Oh, fuggetaboutit, we don’t have the bandwidth to list them all. Listen to the show. And you’ll know soon enough.

the 60’s
The Beatles…everything they did. “Leaning on a Lamp” by Herman’s Hermits, “Any Way You Want It” and “Catch Us If You Can” by the Dave Clark Five, “Pata Pata” by Miriam Makeba (The most infectious beat ever recorded). Also, as a liitle kid in Irvington, close family friends lived around the corner from where the then unknown Four Seasons used to practice. We’d spend hours listening…So anything from them has to make the list!

and the 70’s
Ariel by Dean Freedman. Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart (a very guilty pleasure)

If you could own any classic car what would it be?

A brand new Rolls Royce (I know it’s not old….but are you going to question the guy who owns it about his choice of automobile?) As far as old classics….a 1928 Porter, that’s my mother dear. She helps me through everything I do, and I’m so glad she’s here.

Favorite movie of all time?
Godfather I and II, GWTW, and a very little known gem called “The In Crowd” from 1988 (NOT to be confused with an unrelated film of the same name from 2000).

Favorite actor?
Hoffman, DeNiro, Nicholson, DeCaprio (Don’t laugh….watch him in Gilbert Grape, and tell me that’s not an amazing performance), Pacino, Cagney, Gable, Laughton, Stewart, Bogey.

Favorite actress?
Streep is the best on the planet. And a Jersey girl!

Favorite TV show of all time?
Honeymooners, Twilight Zone, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Sopranos, True Blood

Favorite food?
Sushi, raw clams and oysters, big thick steak (MUST be cooked VERY rare), lobster, Jimmy Buffs

Favorite dessert?
Anything that mixes the essence of chocolate and bananas

Favorite snack food?
Ring Dings, a little known candy bar called Mallow Cups. (Chocolate and marshmallow are almost as good together as chocolate and banana!)

Favorite vacation spot?
Anyplace I haven’t been to yet. I plan to experience them all!

Favorite thing to do when you are not on the radio?
Sporting events, Broadway theatre, concerts, movies, tv. (Yeah, yeah…I know…sedentary is bad….I’ll walk after my show is over….)