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This vacation season is filled with news of gas and planes. The price of gas remains high, and pilot shortages and flight delays have been in the news a great deal lately.  So what is a person to do when they want to go on vacation?

One of my personal choices has been taking the train.

When you want to go somewhere for vacation, it pays to see if there are train stations near your destination so you can avoid costly planes, TSS checks, or the high cost of gas and tolls if you drive.  Amtrak has a page on their site where you can plan your trip, showing stops throughout America, and I take one specific line to visit family down south.  I have been happy that the fare has not increased since I began using the train, so it’s immune to things like gas prices and pilot shortages.

Trains can take a little longer than a car trip because it stops often, so make sure you pack entertainment for your trip.  I normally bring a good book, and log into the train’s wifi for entertainment. A window seat lets you take in the scenery, and if you get hungry there’s usually a food car on a longer trip. Double check to make sure when you arrive you have a lift to your final destination, and you are good to go.  I make sue of the Amtrak app for points, discounts, and to keep my tickets for upcoming trips.

If you’re looking to make the train ride itself your vacation, there are sites where you can plan tours by train, such as Smokey Mountain Rail Adventure. You can see American by rail, making stops to tour and experience the best of the United States!

So if you are looking for fun and adventure, remember that it can all be a rain ride away!

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