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U2 Sphere Residency Has Generated Some Serious Revenue

U2 and their residency at The Sphere in Las Vegas has been quite the lucrative venture. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 17 shows U2 has performed through Nov. 30 have generated $30.7 million in revenue, which averages $1.8 million per show. Additionally, The Sphere has screened Darren Aronofsky's film Postcards From Earth. Through Nov. 30, the state-of-the-art venue has hosted 111 screenings of the film, which has resulted in $44.5 million in revenue. This averages to $400,000 per screening. Altogether, these two attractions have generated over $75 million in revenue for the new venue, which expects to turn a profit already in the current quarter ending Dec. 31. Considering The Sphere cost $2.3 billion to build and has only been open for just over two months, this is outstanding news. U2 recently announced their final four shows at The Sphere. They are February 23, February 24, March 1 and March 2. After U2 wraps their residency, Phish will be the next band to perform at The Sphere. Their show dates are currently April 18-21. "Atomic City" In the lead-up to their residency at The Sphere, U2 released "Atomic City," a new single written in tribute to Las Vegas. The video for the new song is below. It harkens back to the band's classic video for "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," which was also filmed on Freemont Street in Las Vegas in 1987. The video is also reminiscent of the clip for "All Because of You," which also saw the band perform on a flatbed truck through the streets of New York. Despite not taking part in the residency, drummer Larry Mullen Jr. took part in the recording of "Atomic City" and its accompanying video. Mullen Jr. [inlink id="u2-doesnt-have-a-tour-on-the-horizon-larry-mullen-jr-needs-surgery" text="shared in November 2022"] that he needed surgery due to the wear and tear of drumming for decades. Bram van den Berg has filled in for him during the residency.   [select-gallery gallery_id="325188" syndication_name="u2-best-song-ranked" description="no"]