Meet Charlie and Vader! Two perfect pups! Charlie & Vader are an unlikely but awesome dynamic duo of dogs. They were being given away for free on Facebook all the way from Atlantic City and after a long story they landed themselves at the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter. Vader is a black & white 1.5 year old goofy pit mix that is outgoing, playful, affectionate and everything you could want a pup to be. He also thinks he’s a lap dog!! Charlie, his side kick, is a 1year old fluffy white mixed breed who is sweet but shy, docile & relies on Vader for her confidence. We joke that Vader is Charlie’s emotional support dog! They share everything, including a kennel! They are so good about their food, toys, bones and  are able to be kenneled together with no worries at all. Twice the love- twice the fun!  Spend some time with these dogs and they will steal your heart and keep you entertained! Reach out to the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter at