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Sam is a new arrival at the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter and is a complete mellow love bug. Sam was found wandering on a street when a good Samaritan spotted him, pulled over & rescued this poor guy. We soon found out, that he is almost completely blind. Sam still gets around just fine even though he is considered special needs. You can see he gets happy & wags his tail when he hears people and he absolutely loves attention. We’re not sure of his breed, he has the markings of a Swiss Mountain Dog, almost looks like a boxer or possibly even Rottweiler. He’s a bigger boy who thinks he’s a lap dog that loves to give kisses. Someone threw this great dog away but we’re hoping he’s gonna hit the doggie jackpot and find the perfect family. He deserves a loving, great life from here on out.

Fun Fact! Sam loves to carry around his food bowl! I guess he’s telling us it’s meal time! ADOPT SAM!






To adopt Sam, please contact the Randolph Regional Animal Shelter at 973-543-9333 or visit their website at