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A Fantastic Weekend For The Special Olympics New Jersey Summer Games

"Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt" With this simple oath said by 2500 SONJ competitors on Friday night at TCNJ college, the summer games began, After a very special opening ceremony highlighted by the completion of the Special Olympic Torch Run that started in Upper NJ and was run by various branches of Police Department throughout the state., it was then handed off to Olympian athletes from each District till the cauldron was lit. It was all held in front of thousands of proud coaches, parents, volunteers, and Police from all different towns and branches, who packed the stands on both sides of the football stadium  Then the real fun began on Saturday, as those Olympians, competed in 8 different events in several venues on the campus.. Seeing the smiling faces and how even though they were competing against each other, they were cheering not just from the crowd, but from each other..  It did not matter what team you were on; everyone was just rejoicing in the competitors enjoying themselves.  From my perspective, everyone was a winner there, and I know everyone who was there, was touched in one way or another with the love of these great athletes.  It concluded after more events on Sunday during the day with a very moving Closing ceremony and setting the clock in motion till the next Summer Olympics next June.  I have been fortunate to be involved with these great kids and adults for a few years and it is amazing seeing them growing up in front of my eyes and developing into fine young men and women, who I know their parents are extremely proud of.  What many need to understand they might have some sort of disability,   but they just want to be treated like ordinary Boys and girls and they deserve to be treated that way.   

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