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My Cousin Vinny hit theaters on March 13, 1992. While it would go on to gross a respectable $52.9 million at the box office, the comedy took on a life of its own thanks to film rentals and countless airings on cable.

The film was anchored by outstanding performances from Joe Pesci as the titular Vinny Gambini. He is called upon by his cousin Bill (Ralph Macchio) to represent him and his friend, Stan (Mitchell Whitfield), in a trial for a murder they did not commit.

My Cousin Vinny would also see standout performances from character actor Lane Smith, who played district attorney Jim Trotter III. The comedy saw Fred Gwynne in his final film role before his death as Judge Chamberlain Haller.

However, the breakout star of the film was Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito, the girlfriend to Pesci’s Vinny. Her performance would go on to win Tomei an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

For fans of My Cousin Vinny, the film is endlessly quotable. In honor of its anniversary, here are 15 hilarious quotes from the iconic comedy.

  • 'Oh, yeah. You blend.'

  • 'You're in Ala-f---in'-bama. You come from New York. You killed a good ol' boy. There is no way this is not going to trial!'

  • 'It's got protein! We need protein!'

  • 'Breakfast?'

  • 'Now, Mrs. Riley...and only Mrs. Riley...'

  • 'What is a 'Yute'?'

  • 'Now I ask ya: Would you give a f--- what kind of pants the son of a b---- who shot you was wearing?'

  • 'I could use an a good ---kicking; I'll be very honest with you.'

  • 'You were serious about that?'

  • 'So, it's either wear the leather jacket, which I know you hate, or this. So, I wore this ridiculous thing for you.'

  • 'Are you sure about that five minutes?!/I've got no more use for this guy.'

  • 'You got it honey! You did it! The case cracker: Me in the shower!'

  • 'However, in 1964, the correct ignition timing would be four degrees before top-dead-center.'

  • 'My biological clock is ticking like this!/Lisa, I don't need this...'

  • 'No, the defense is wrong!'

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