5 Things Turning 50 In 2024

If you were born in 1974, you're turning 50 this year, congratulations on reaching the half-century mark! You have a lot of company - here are 5 random things that are also turning 50 in 2024. How many of these do you still use in your everyday life? Post-It Notes Post-It Notes are literally everywhere. On your refrigerator. On your computer screen. On your office walls. Need to bookmark a page in your favorite book? Grab a post-it. You can thank a guy named Spencer Silver for the invention. He was a chemist working for the 3M Company when he came up with an adhesive that could be repeatedly repositioned. Rubik's Cube Rubik's Cube is the brainchild of Ernő Rubik who was working at the Department of Interior Design at the Academy of Applied Arts and Crafts in Budapest when he designed a structure that had all these moving parts but would not fall apart. It was during the process of trying to figure out how to get it back to its original state that he realized he had come up with this amazing puzzle game that has tortured people for half a century. Bar Codes A guy from New Jersey named Joe Woodland came up with the idea, and drew it in the sand while vacationing in Florida. The first bar code was scanned on June 26th, 1974, and then completely revolutionized shopping. Bailey's Irish Cream Unlike the Rubik's Cube, Bailey's Irish Cream wasn't invented by a guy named Bailey. As a matter of fact, though Bailey's was the first Irish cream liqueur, the guy who came up with it wasn't even Irish. Rather, it was the creation of a guy named Tom Jago from England. Made of cream, cocoa, and Irish whiskey, it tastes great in coffee, or on its own. Checking in at 17% ABV (the standard beer is between 4% and 7% ABV), starting your day with a little Bailey's in your morning coffee might not be a good idea if you're handling any heavy machinery. ALSO READ: 10 Awesome Rock Albums Turning 10 in 2024 The Heimlich Maneuver Dr. Henry Heimlich described it in an article in 1974. It started as a theory, and it turned out it worked really well. Before that, the advice was to smack a choking person on the back over and over again.   And one more thing turning 50 in 2024 The Meow Mix Jingle hits the half-century mark. I apologize now because this stupid jingle will be in your head all day. [select-listicle listicle_id="772487" syndication_name="10-awesome-rock-albums-turning-10-in-2024" description="yes"]

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