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The 65th Hour

Mondays 7:30pm - 8:30pm


Theo and Dianne - The 65th Hour
The 65th Hour will be hosted by Theodore Tracey (The Voice of Senior Solutions) is being presented on WMTR 1250 AM 7:30-8:30PM live every Monday night for 13 weeks. He will be discussing a diverse range of topics and issues facing everyone age 65 & up, such as government programs, including understanding Medicare, Medicaid long term care, benefits for senior veterans, planning for long term care and planning for your final years and so much more. Over the next 13 weeks, we will be discussing in detail a number of valuable & beneficial topics geared to helping you to ease your stress & worry relating to health and financial issues by having the best sources and information available to you on each of these topics. Lines will be open to call in on these live shows with a Q&A to answer your important questions and concerns, the station number is 973-267-9687. Based on topics each week, we will be interviewing industry experts and senior care providers to speak about and help educate everyone on common concerns and misconceptions so as to create healthy solutions for the seniors themselves, caretakers, children, friends, and family.

During the 1st week of the show airing and every week after, we will also open the line to call in for those interested who would like to set up a free face to face meeting with Theodore Tracey at the office line 201-342-3300, where he can discuss your concerns to create healthy lifetime solutions. The primary objective of the show is to provide the right information and knowledge so one can make the most enlightened and educated decision concerning the next exciting stage & journey in their life.