Let’s Save Thousands

Let’s Save Thousands

Let’s Save Thousands


Edwin KalinkaListen to “Let’s Save Thousands” every Saturday from 11am to 11:30am starting 5/21, hosted by Edwin Kalinka, Ed.D.

Kalinka Team contributors

Beverly Kalinka, Managing Broker of Keller Williams Metropolitan

B.A. Fairleigh Dickinson / M.A. Occupational Psychology Grand Canyon University
Bev as a broker owner or managing broker has overseen over 10,000 transactions in her 28 year career.

About Dr. Kalinka and the Kalinka Team

Dr. Kalinka and the Kalinka Team take a 360 degree approach in examining today’s current trends in real estate, from how to buy your first home to how to save your home from foreclosure.

The goal of each show is to entertain, to educate, to empower, and to help you save thousands.

Long time Rotarians, we believe in giving back to the community. Understanding we are all in this together, the Kalinka Team will share money saving tips each segment, inform you about community volunteer events where we can all help to give back.

Topics To Be Discussed:

  • Interest Rates- How That Impacts Buyers And Sellers
  • Are We In A Similar Housing Bubble As 2005-2008?
  • How Can Buyers Be Competitive With Their Offers?
  • How Does a Seller Know They are Accepting the Best Offer?
  • Buying New Construction
  • Getting Qualified By A Lender
  • Buying An Older Home- What Does That Entail?
  • Selling An Older Home- What Proactive Measures Do You Take?
  • Preparing The Seller For the Inspection Process
  • Preparing The Buyer For the Inspection Process
  • Facing Foreclosure
  • Understanding the Short Sale Process
  • Understanding Tax Sales
  • Navigating The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Buying & Selling A Home
  • Baby Boomers Ready To Downsize
  • Getting the Right Agent To Represent You As A Buyer And/Or Seller
  • Purchasing A Home In the Flood Plain
  • Staging Your Home For Success
  • Top 5 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling Their Home
  • Top 5 Mistakes Buyers Make When Purchasing A Home
  • Top 5 Inexpensive Fixes To Add Equity To Your Home
  • Understanding Reverse Mortgages
  • UST (Under Ground Storage Tanks)- What To Do If You Have One
  • What Is Title Insurance?
  • Do You Need An Attorney?