The New Jersey Education Association is proud of the work our members do to make our public schools, and our communities, stronger for every child. That’s why the NJEA is a proud sponsor of the Teachers Who Rock  2020 and is presenting the Community Spotlight Award.

The Community Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding North Jersey Teachers, who shine in the classrooms, and in serving their communities.

NJEA is Proud to present the 2020 Community Spotlight Award to:


PE & Health Teacher at Mount Arlington Public School

Mrs. Danysh, or Mrs. D as her students call her, makes such a positive and lasting impact on all her students and faculty she interacts with daily. She has a great sense of humor and can always be counted on for a laugh. Her poetry, song parodies, and teacher roasts at retirement dinners are laugh out loud funny. The students of Mount Arlington absolutely love being in her class and they always tend to seek her out if they are having a bad day. She is a genuine person who has been instrumental in guiding her students, especially through their middle school years. Mrs. Danysh has also played an integral part with the school district’s wellness and sustainable initiatives. She was solely responsible for acquiring funding for a hydration station, Power-Up bicycle program, fitness playground, and Nutritional Wellness Garden Program, which was awarded the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Farms to School Certification. Mrs. Danysh is an exceptional educator and one who truly epitomizes a Teacher who Rocks

To nominate a teacher, an educational service professional, or to learn more about the Teachers Who Rock Program,  contact your local school superintendent or CLICK HERE 
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