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There is one sport during the Winter Olympics that is a mystery to many — and a lot of times the talk of the games — and that is the sport of curling.

Originating in Scotland back in the 16th century, many sites will explain in detail how curling works and how the game is won. From the number of players on each team to the object of the interesting game itself.

We gathered some rules for curling, which will play out once again at the Olympics games beginning this week. First starters, the game is won by the team that scores the most points after all the rounds, which are called ends, are complete. Most curling matches take place over ten or sometimes eight ends. Also, curling is played between two teams of four using eight granite stones each.

According to NBC, Curling will consist of three events: mixed doubles, men’s, and women’s at the 2022 Winter Olympics. Nine medals in total to be up for grabs.

The curling tournament, which is also known as a bonspiel, will take place from February 2 to February 19. Mixed doubles will take place from February 2-8, and men’s and women’s stretch from February 9-17. Semifinals and medal games start February 17 and run through February 19.

  • Here are the rules of curling:

  • Teams

    Teams of four take it in turns to curl two rocks towards the target area with the scores being counted after all 16 rocks have been sent down the ice.

  • Coin Toss

    The team to go first is decided by a coin toss, “draw-to-the-button” contest, or, in Olympic competition using win-loss records.

  • Hammer Throw

    Subsequently, the team that failed to score in the previous end has the advantage of going last, called the hammer throw.

  • International

    International matches have a time limit of 73 minutes per side with two timeouts lasting a minute each. 10 minutes and one timeout are permitted per extra end in the event of a tie.

  • Releasing of the Stone

    The stone must be released once its front edge crosses a line called the hog. Foul throws are removed from the ice before they have come to rest or are in contact with other rocks.

  • Sweeping

    Sweeping may be done by two members of the team up to the tee line, whilst after that point, only one player can brush. After the tee, one player from the opposing side may also sweep.

  • A touched stone

    A stone touched or moved when in play by a player or their broom will either be replaced or removed.

  • Conceding

    A team may concede if they feel they cannot win, although depending on the event and stage of the event they may have to wait until a certain number of ends have been completed.

  • Winning

    The game is won by the team that scores the most points after all the ends are complete.

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