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The most notable release was the iPhone 13, with improved visuals and performance.

Another month, another Apple announcement. The technology giant is making headlines again, as Apple announced a new iPhone 13, a new version of the Apple Watch, a new iPad line – and a few other surprises – during a streaming event Tuesday afternoon.

As always, there was a lot of info about a lot of products during the high-production online event, so here’s the quick rundown of the key things most of us will probably care about:

  • A new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, with the A15 Bionic;
  • An upgraded iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max;
  • A new version of the iPad with the new A13 Bionic chip and high-end camera;
  • Apple Watch Series 7 is now available, with a new operating system in Watch OS8;

Let’s take a deeper look at some of those items:

  • iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 Mini

    There were a lot of rumors about iPhone 13, including hopes of removing the “notch” from the top, but instead they just shrunk the space 20 percent.

    The displays are brighter, there are five new colors, and there’s a new back camera layout. But the A15 Bionoic chip is probably the big standout for the new iPhone, which doesn’t sound like anything to most people, but under the hood has SIX different CPUs running, making this without a doubt the most powerful non-pro cell phone on the market. There will be 15.8 TRILLION processes going on per second, right there in your hand.

    There are some high-end upgrades to the camera system, including some ultra-wide functions. In video, you’ll be able to shoot cinema-style with a new “cinematic-mode” that is common in filmmaking.

    If you’ve been holding out a few generations to upgrade, this is a worthwhile jump for your phone. But if you already got an iPhone 12, you probably won’t need to rush to get your 13 right away.

    The biggest questions for new iPhones are always the cost and the battery life. Apple promises the battery will be improved, despite all the upgrades. They estimate 2.5 hours better performance over iPhone 12.  The mini will start from $699 and the full iPhone 13 will be $799. Storage will start at 128 GB and go up to 512 GB now.

  • iPhone 13 Pro

    Apple felt the need to give this its own segment during the presentation, but we’re not entirely sure why, as it really wasn’t MUCH different.

    The iPhone 13 Pro certainly has some big upgrades over the regular models, with the now-traditional three-camera format, and a sleek look. But it’s using the same A15 Bionic chip. It does improve the display, with more brightness and substantially faster processing speeds.

    Most of the changes aren’t things anyone will notice on the surface, and unless you really NEED the increased functionality (you’d know if you did), you won’t be missing much by going with the standard model.

  • iPad & iPad Mini

    The newest version of the iPad is touted as up to six times faster than any other Android tablet on the market. It’s set to use the upgraded A13 Bionic Apple chipset, and will have a massive upgrade to the front camera functionality, that should make for a more high-end laptop-type experience, similar to the iPad Pro.

    The high-end 64 GB version will now only be $329, and will be available next week, with ordering open now.

    Apple also has a new iPad Mini, with “it’s biggest upgrade ever,” according to Cook.

    The iPad Mini is completely redesigned, functionally looking like a much larger iPhone, with an 8.3″ screen. The performance upgrades are substantial from previous iPad Mini versions as well.

    If you’ve ever used an iPad Pro, this new Mini is basically the squished version of that now, with a price starting at $499 and available to order today.

  • Apple Watch Series 7

    The all new Series 7 Apple Watch has a complete overhaul, with a whole lot more screen, and a smoother, cleaner look.

    The watch is set to run on the new Watch OS8 that will give more functionality for bike riders, and for fitness enthusiasts.

    The new version will allow for more text on the screen and new ways to type text, as well as new watch faces.

    There are a whole new series of colors and styles, including high-end bands and styles. The watches will start at $399. Series 3 watches will still be on the market for $199.

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