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Christmas Crockpot Recipes For Folks Who Can’t Cook

Let's face it: cooking a big Christmas dinner is stressful. And it's even more stressful when you have no idea what you're doing. If you're stuck at home for the holidays this year and you have no idea how to cook, we got you covered. Using a crockpot or slow cooker to cook is an easy way to make a meal if you have no idea what you are doing. Basically, the slow cooker does everything for you; you just have to throw the ingredients in it and then set a timer. Here are recipes you can try for the holidays. Pot Roast There are so many different recipes for pot roast depending on if you want it plain, with gravy, or with veggies and potatoes. No matter the one you choose, they're all easy to execute. Mashed Potatoes Sometimes mashed potatoes can be frustrating to make, but a slow cooker takes away all the stress. With these two recipes below, it will be hard to mess them up. Vegetables If you are vegetarian or just want a nice healthy side dish, this one below is an excellent option. Stuffing If you didn't get enough stuffing for Thanksgiving, this is a great recipe you can use for an upcoming holiday dinner. Ham These recipes below take all the stress out of cooking a holiday ham. Dessert There are a variety of easy desserts you can make in a slow cooker, including cherry cobbler, apple cobbler, dump cakes, peanut butter cake, and even a banana nut cake.

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