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New Jersey Has the 4th Most Influencers In The Country

Being an influencer in 2023 can be a full-time career. It seems like a fun lifestyle, and it might be. But building a personal brand or promoting other brands can often be very difficult work. A recent study by Ubiquitous Influence Marketing showed that New Jersey has the fourth most influencers in the country. To determine this information, Ubiquitous Influence first identified who the top 200 influencers are today. Next, they researched where each of them is from or currently located. As you might expect, California has the most influencers by far. 31% of the top personalities were from the Golden State. Much of this is tied to Los Angeles and the fact that the city has dozens of agencies dedicated to influencer marketing. The greater Los Angeles area also offers plenty of landscapes to uniquely capture engaging clips, for those that prefer to leave the comfort of their home. #4 New Jersey 6% of the top influencers in the country are from New Jersey. While Ubiquitous Influence's story does not isolate specific cities, the heat map within shows a large concentration on the central and eastern part of the state. Izea details how New Jersey native, Lauren Imbriaco (fitmommy_inheels) is a top-established influencer. She is in the fashion space, often promoting Amazon Wardrobe. Other notable accounts include Denny Balmaceda and Kevin Hejnas who concentrate on men's fashion and fitness training respectively. "The industry continues to grow at startling rates (it was recently valued at around $16.5 billion) and greatly affects the way information, goods, and services are conceived of, marketed, and sold," WIRED recently explained. In addition, influencers don't have to be branded as a specific person. Accounts like "New Jersey Isn't Boring" showcase updates around the state to be aware of. This account promotes everything from food trucks, to new murals, to real-estate updates. With the popularity of shorts and reels, this influencing style allows for multiple verticals to be addressed in a hyper-focused geographical area. An individual can run the business account from behind the scenes while removing their name from the personality. Furthermore, companies like Heartbeat allow influencers to connect with brands who post paid influencer campaigns they are looking to fill. [select-listicle listicle_id="573060" syndication_name="new-jersey-food-festival-brings-boujee-eats-what-you-need-to-know" description="yes"]

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