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Thanksgiving For One: Ways To Make Single Servings Of Your Favorite Dishes

Since coronavirus has altered gatherings and travel, many of us will be spending Thanksgiving at home. If you are going solo for the upcoming holidays, but you still want a great meal, here are some recipes to make single servings of popular dishes. One Dish Kitchen has several recipes for one, and they have quite a few for Thanksgiving, including dinner recipes, side dishes, and desserts. Turkey: For the central part of your meal, there are several ways to make a serving for one. One Dish Kitchen has a recipe for easy roast turkey breast, an herb-crusted turkey roast, and a juicy turkey cutlet for one. See all three recipes here. Side Dishes: Some great side dishes that are easy to make in small portions are cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, stuffing, roasted carrots, and rice pilaf. See the recipes here. Desserts: Several desserts are easy to make in small servings, including pumpkin pie, pecan pie, sweet potatoes pie, and apple pie. They can be made in a little tart, soufflé, or pie pans. See those recipes here. 13 Celebrity Couples We All Secretly Miss [gallery ids="647201,647209,647210,647208,647199,647207,647206,647205,647204,647203,647200,647202,647211,"]