NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 31: French Bulldog pups are seen during the American Kennel Club's "Most Popular Breeds 2013" press conference on January 31, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images for the American Kennel Club)

For generations, a man’s best friend has been an integral part of owning a pet. Dogs are one of the most if not the most popular pet to own in the United States.

With roughly 43 million households owning at least one dog (or two). However, with any animal, there isn’t just one type of dog. Some breeds are more popular or if you’re in the high-class world more valued and sought after.

According to it seems there is a new king in town. For years, the Labrador Retriever held the title as stated on American Kennel Club‘s website

Now, who would have guessed it but the French Bulldog has been crowned as the most popular dog breed in both the United States and New Jersey by the American Kennel Club. To think that just years ago these cute little balls of pure joy wouldn’t even make it in the top ten.

“The French Bulldog has seen a surge in popularity over the years, and for good reason,” said AKC Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo in a press release. “Frenchies are playful, adaptable, loyal and outgoing. They make wonderful companions for a variety of people, but it’s extremely important to do your research to not only find the right breed for your lifestyle, but to ensure that you’re getting a well-bred dog from a responsible breeder.”

From New Jersey to Los Angeles these little cuties can always be seen having the best of times. This is in part due to the massive increase of registrations of Frenchies. Which according to the American Kennel Club saw a 1000% increase from 2012 to 2021.

The Labrador which held the title for 31 years came in second place this time around. It makes sense considering the description and reasoning given by the 2022 ranking lists from the American Kennel Club.

French Bulldogs are small, loveable, and can be either loud or quiet at times, making them the perfect fit for families or even single owners.

Another win comes from the small size as it makes owning a dog manageable even if you live in a small apartment. Frenchies usually stop at about 12 inches compared to owning a Labrador Retriever that doubles the size at about 21 to 24 inches.

When space is a crucial element of your home the difference seems much larger. Though this isn’t to discourage people. I love my mixed Pitlab even though he can be crazy pretty much at every waking moment. Dogs love you just as much as you love them.

So even if you get a dog, not on the top ten give them all the love and attention they need and deserved.

11 Things First Time Pet Owners Need

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Getting a pet for the first time is a huge deal. Not only are you about to start caring for another life, but you also are taking on some big responsibilities. This is a super exciting time for you and your family, and we want to help make sure you are prepared for it.  

Whether you’re adopting a cat or dog, there are some essential things every first time pet owner needs. We know you’ve probably picked out the collars and the cute little beds, but you might not have thought of everything. So, we’ve put together this list that will help guide you on your journey with your new fur-ever friend.

  • 1) Car Hammock

    This is mainly for you dog owners, but trust me not only do you want a car hammock so that your pup doesn’t get hurt in the backseat, but if they shed, this is a much easier clean up than vacuuming the car out later.

  • 2) Pet Cube

    Let’s face it, while you may be home with your pets for the first couple of days while they adjust to their new surroundings, you won’t always be able to be at home. Pet Cube is definitely something that can ease pet owners’ minds when they are out of the house. Whether you’re at work or just away at the grocery store, pet cube allows you to check in on your pet and even talk with them or throw them a treat.

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  • 3) Lint Roller

    It’s always incredibly surprising to me how much my dog and cats shed. And we’re talking about pets that have a variety of hair lengths too. Having a super helpful lint roller on hand will be your saving grace. This ChomChom lint roller works really well on your couches and other upholstery. It also has a compartment to keep all of the hair so you don’t have to waste time trying to peel the sticky paper back from each other like on some rollers. 

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  • 4) Pet Stain Remover

    Accidents happen and having the cleaning products you need on hand can be a big help. This pet stain remover spray is great for those spot treatment messes. It’s chlorine-free and color-safe so you won’t have to worry about ruining any of your cloth.

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  • 5) Bissell Portable Machine Pet Cleaner

    And for those messes that need more than just a simple spot treatment, this is the way to go. If you have an at-home carpet cleaner this Bissell pet cleaner solution can go right into your carpet cleaner and help you clean any stains in your way.

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  • 6) Cat Wall Corner Groomer

    This probably seems silly, but as a cat owner, I know how often my cats love rubbing their scents on my walls. Especially those corner spots. Whether it’s to get in a good scratch or not, these wall huggers are nice for cats that do this. For you new cat owners, this can be really great for helping your cat feel more at home. It helps them keep their coats nice and clean.

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  • 7) Cat Wall Scratching Board

    Speaking of wall scratching, my biggest fear with my non-declawed cats is that they are going to scratch up my walls. So I try to help them avoid doing that by getting things like this. This is a wall mount scratching post. It sticks to your wall and gives them the space to do what they need to do with their scratching and not messing up your home. Scratching posts are definitely essential for having cats.

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  • 8) Nail Trimmers

    Now more often than not I take my fur babies to the groomer to get their nails trimmed. But sometimes, the groomer is very busy and it’s important that I keep my pet’s nails trimmed so having a nail trimmer is a solution. This one from Cherrybrook has some good reviews and is great for doggos. If you have a cat you might want to check out this one here.

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  • 9) Did You Feed The Dog Reminder

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. If you have multiple people in your house who will also be taking care of your dog (or cat) this is a super helpful tool. My pets are stealthy. They like to whine in the morning like no one has already fed them, but in reality they have. This is great for setting a reminder and making sure your pet doesn’t gain too much weight from overeating.

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  • 10) Toy Bins

    You might not realize it yet, but your house is about to become a pet toy city. And trust me, unlike some kids pets don’t usually put their toys away. Having a special bin or basket like this one here is great for keeping your home organized. This one says Dog Toys, but there are other super fun cat toys bins as well like this one here.

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  • 11) Treat Jar

    You may have already thought of this one, but I just couldn’t help but include it. One of the best ways to train your pets is through treats and having these fun treat jars is a great way to remind you of training as well as giving your new lovable companion something nice.

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