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Luke Bryan is following in his American Idol fellow judge Katy Perry’s footsteps and playing at Las Vegas’ Resorts World starting Friday (2/11), and he talked about what advice she gave him about playing the new mega Vegas venue. 

Luke said on Good Morning America, “No, Katy doesn’t help me at all, anything Katy does, she sends stuff to create more anxiety. She’s like ‘Wow, the big stage, be ready.’ ‘Wow, get ready for the dry air of Las Vegas.’ I’m like Katy, you know… but me and her, even as years have gone on, we just have an even more fun friendship and a great working relationship.”

Bryan also discussed his budding bromance with Katy’s husband actor Orlando Bloom. Luke offered, “[Katy is] really a little jealous because she believes that Orlando kinda might have a little man-crush on me. Orlando came into Nashville, and I had all these outdoor activities planned for him. So yeah, me and Orlando, our love is strong.”


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