Elton John clearly enjoys the finer things in life, but he’s, perhaps, also a man of comfort as evident by his latest statement on denim clothing.

Sir Elton recently took part inĀ Vogue‘s video series “Life in Looks” where he talked about some of his memorable — and not so memorable — fashion choices over the years. The second outfit highlighted in the video below was from 1972, and it’s an all-denim getup adorned with sewn-on patches.

John said of the outfit, “Wherever we went, we picked up badges, and the badges were sewn on by members of the band’s wives. I remember trying to wear this outfit to Disneyland. We had special passes, and it was so exciting, and I was really happy. And then we go to Disneyland, and they said, “Oh, you can’t come in here with these badges on your outfit!’ And none of them were really offensive at all.”

He continued, “Now, let me talk about denim for a while. I used to wear denim in the early ’70s and I absolutely loathe denim now. I think every piece of denim in the world should be burnt. I loathe it, I detest it. Cancel it.”

The full video of Sir Elton talking about his fashion choices can be viewed below.



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