A group of young children from Fort Greene, Brooklyn gather in front of a house to "trick or treat" Brooklyn residents participate in Halloween activities on October 31, 2012 in New York City.

Halloween is definitely going to be different this year. A couple from Austin, Texas may have just come up with a perfect way for kids have a semblance of normality on Halloween. DIY YouTubers Wicked Makers released an amusing and informative how-to video teaching how to make a candy slide. The slide allows people to stay six feet away from any trick-or-treaters while still filling their baskets with candy.

The couple used PVC pipe to construct the “candy slide” and decorated it with skeletons and wraps. Of course, if you make your own you can decorate it however you want. Using this slide makes sure that the candy giving adults are at least 6 feet from the candy getting kids. Excellent idea!

You can check out the finished project and see how it was constructed in the video below. You can follow the Wicked Makers on Instagram and their website.