Coronavirus Information Center

The New Jersey Department of Health and its Communicable Disease Service has published a set of Frequently Asked Questions about Animal Health Issues during the COVID-19 pandemic, which should provide important information to Morris County pet owners, veterinarians, and owners of pet businesses.

The special Q&A deals with a myriad of subjects that are on the minds of pet owners and the pet industry, such as pet spaying. rabies vaccinations. animal hospitals. essential versus elective pet surgeries, home visits by veterinarians during COVID-19 crisis, dog grooming, dog shelters, and dog/pet kennels, among others.

  • I need to have my pet spayed, but I can’t find a spay/neuter clinic that is open. Why have they been closed?
  • I need to license my dog but can’t get a rabies vaccination from my primary veterinarian. Are rabies vaccines essential?
  • The animal hospital I bring my pets to has closed due to COVID-19 concerns. If they are considered essential, don’t they have to stay open to take care of our pets?

Take a look at the full Q&A list.