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Paul McCartney's past tour riders have been lengthy, but considering his legend, they seem rather tame. Many of his request have to do with his vegan lifestyle, so no furniture backstage made from animal skin (leather) nor is faux leather or animal prints allowed.

Paul McCartney released the animal-rights song “Looking for Changes” in 1993, and now the track has a new animated video.

The video was shared by the PETA YouTube channel as part of the organization’s continued efforts against animal testing.

In a statement, PETA said, “To support PETA’s campaign against experimentation on animals, rock ‘n’ roll legend and longtime PETA supporter Paul McCartney has generously given us the rights to use his song ‘Looking for Changes,’ which was inspired by this very issue decades ago…Approximately 90% of experiments on animals don’t lead to treatments for humans, and 95% of new drugs that test safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials. These useless tests aren’t just wasteful—they’re cruel and unethical.”

Paul McCartney Is 'Looking for Changes' to Come for Animals Suffering in Labs

"We'll all be looking for changes - changes in the way we treat our fellow creatures." In this animated music video to 'Looking For Changes," Beatles icon and long-time animal rights activist Paul McCartney is calling on YOU to speak up against cruel tests on animals.

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