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It was on March 27, 1967 that The Rascals recorded a tune that would become one of their signature songs…Groovin’. Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati wrote it. Since it was quite different from their first few singles, Atlantic Records head Jerry Wexler did not want to release it as a single. Felix credits legendary DJ Murray The K, then working on WOR-FM, with intervening with Wexler.

Murray had come by the studio, and heard the song, saying “Man, this is a smash!” When he later heard that Atlantic didn’t want to put it out, he went to see Wexler, and said “Are you crazy? This is a friggin’ Number 1 record!” Murray was right, in the Spring of ’67 Groovin spent 4 weeks at Number 1.

Here’s the Rascals on TV doing the song their record company wasn’t so sure about…a perfect song for Springtime…Groovin’!