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VIDEO: Giles Martin Shows the Evolution of “Helter Skelter”

One of the best parts about massive reissues of classic albums is all of the demo/alternative takes of different songs showing the evolution of any given track, and the 50th anniversary reissue of The Beatles is no exception.

Giles Martin, who produced “The White Album” reissue and is the son of the late Sir George Martin, shows in the video below the humble, and very different beginnings of “Helter Skelter.”  It’s amazing where the track started and how it turned into the cut fans know and love today.

The Beatles 50th anniversary reissue comes out November 9 and will be available in multiple formats, all of which can be pre-ordered right now at

Helter Skelter

Giles Martin ( talks us through the recording of Helter Skelter, from the first sessions of blues jams through to the revisited loud and heavy sessions and how it became the iconic finished master. Now remixed for the 2018 release of the White Album. #beatleswhitealbum Preorder today at

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