Wayback Wednesday: The Beatles "White Album"

It was 50 years ago today, May 30th, 1968 that the Beatles began recording what came to be known as the “White Album”. The 2 disc set was so named for its plain white album cover, with “The Beatles” embossed on the front. The total opposite of the cover of the previous year’s Sgt. Pepper, or Magical Mystery Tour. The group didn’t complete the album until October. It was released on November 22, 1968.

It became a world-wide Number 1. But behind the scenes, the recording was fraught with arguments over creative differences. For a time during August, Ringo was so frustrated he actually quit the group, but was talked into returning after about a month. The constant presence of Yoko Ono in the studio was also cited as another divisive element. But the album contains lots of great music.

On Wayback Wednesday, here’s an early version of “Revolution”, set to the original promo film’s footage. See how you like this take on the song!