Wayback Wednesday: Van Morrison

On March 28, 1967 Van Morrison of Belfast entered a studio and recorded a song he’d written called “Brown Eyed Girl”. It was released in June on the Bang record label, and
became the signature song of his career. At the time, though, Brown Eyed Girl was not a “huge” hit, peaking at Number 10 on the Billboard national Hot 100. And in the New York area, it only made it to Number 25 on the WMCA Good Guys survey. Amazingly, WABC apparently never had “Brown Eyed Girl” on its chart.

In case you’re a little fuzzy on the lyrics, here’s a video with those for your future Karaoke pleasure. Take note, this is the Radio Edit of the song, which cut out the phrase “Makin’ Love In The Green Grass”. Enjoy this Classic Oldie!