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There's a 'Star Wars' Pop-Up Bar and it Looks Awesome

In a galaxy far, far away a 'Star Wars' bar has opened.

Fans of the fantasy series can head to the DarkSide Bar in New York City to feel the force. According to their website, the pop-up location is guaranteed to give fans “a truly immersive galactic experience”.

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Every day the bar is opened there is a different event. Bar-goers can expect to see themed dance parties, speed dating, trivia, games and even a Star Wars themed burlesque show.


To get visitors in the space mood, there are six different cocktails available. Fans can choose from Red Force, Blue Force, The Imperial, The Dark Side, The Galaxy, and The Mindtrick. Looking at photos of the customized concoctions, they all look pretty awesome.

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For example, The Imperial has a “blend of spices and rum, maple extract, citrus juice, and cayenne” reports their Instagram. Once the drink has been poured, bartenders will them set it aflame. The DarkSide Bar’s also revealed the ingredients for The Galaxy drink. This cocktail includes “black vodka, exotic fruit extracts, spirited essence and some secret liquors.” From the photo, it looks as though there may be some dry ice involved, too!



This is "The Galaxy" one of our original six super crafted cocktails. The recipe was shared with us from from one of the emperor's personal assistants who said he drank it often... it smokes, literally this little bastard is filled with darkness. It includes black vodka, exotic fruit extracts, Spirited essence and some secret liquors. thedarksidebar #ny #la #dc #cometothedarksidebar #feelthepowerofthedarksidebar ##spacenerds #villians #starwars #starwarsbar #popupbar #celebratesiths #thedarkside

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Before you purchase tickets to the limited time event, make sure you have your costume ready to go. That’s right, eeveryonewho steps foot in the bar is encouraged to dress up in character. Worried that you don’t have the perfect outfit? Don’t worry wearing a costume isn’t mandatory.


If you aren’t in the New York area, there are also two additional locations: Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. For folks who are looking to geek out and test out a few inventive cocktails, tickets online costs $33 per person. Each ticket purchased comes with two cocktails, signature events as well as entry. Walk-ins are also accepted but will cost $40.


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