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Best Twitter Reactions To Missing Seth Rogen

We all know that feeling when we missed our mom’s phone call and she automatically assumes we are dead.

Apparently, celebrity-parent relationships are no different. Earlier this week, Seth Rogen’s mom took to Twitter to try to get into contact with her son and his 7.03 million followers had a field day.

Sandy Rogen on Twitter

@Sethrogen where are you ?


The “missing Seth” event started when his mom Sandy Rogen tweeted “@Sethrogen where are you?” After she sent this out, Seth’s fans started reacting. Here are some faves:

Thomas Mulligan on Twitter

@RogenSandy @Sethrogen @Sethrogen in the kids section of target lookin' at nerf guns and Pokemon cards.

Erica Geoy on Twitter

@RogenSandy @Sethrogen In a meeting

Finally, two and a half hours later, Seth finally responded to his mom’s tweet. He sub tweeted his mom and wrote, “When you don’t answer you mom’s phone calls for the day”.

Seth Rogen on Twitter

When you don't answer your mom's phone calls for a day:


We have all been there, Seth.


Jillian Ryan on Twitter

seth rogen's mom's twitter is the purest thing i've ever seen plz protect her at all costs

cierra ???? on Twitter

I just spent 30 minutes going through Seth Rogen's Mom's twitter account


Fans everywhere are still cherishing the bond that he has with his mom. I do have to admit, it's pretty hilarious.


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