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Tom Petty Passes Away: Twitter Reaction

Twitter is outpouring sadness of the loss, among other news outlets like Rolling Stone that have confirmed the death of Tom Petty.

Though TMZ is sending out conflicting information, so far, it stands with the rest of the world's news organizations that Tom Petty has passed.

John Mayer on Twitter

I loved Tom Petty and I covered his songs because I wanted know what it felt like to fly. "you belong somewhere you feel free." ????

Ryan Adams on Twitter

RIP Tom Petty Thank you for giving so much, a lifetime of inspiration and love. Your music has changed this world for the better.

St. Vincent on Twitter

What a day for weeping. Los Vegas. Puerto Rico. Tom Petty. Etc. etc. etc.

Neko Case on Twitter

At a Tom Petty show in Austin walking toward it, a full 3/4 of a mile to the stage every single person living was singing every word.

Sheryl Crow on Twitter

This is unbearable. Vegas and now a great music hero has passed. You brought us so much joy, @tompetty. We will miss you. ❤️ #RIPTomPetty

Stephen King on Twitter

Tom Petty gone? That's just so wrong. What a bad day this has been, in so many ways.

John Gruber on Twitter

I don't throw the word "hero" around lightly. Tom Petty was a hero.

Rob Lowe on Twitter

Tom Petty was on my Mount Rushmore of rock heroes. The writing, the voice, the band. HeartBROKEN.

Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter

I am so grateful for Tom Petty's music. Feels selfish to want more, but I always will. Rest in peace.

Stevie Van Zandt on Twitter

Man this cannot be happening. Not Tom Petty please. Our deepest love and condolences to his family and band. A brother and true believer.

Steve Garrigan on Twitter

No not Tom Petty, im lost for words ???????? Rest in peace, the music and inspiration you have given the world will live on forever #RIPTomPetty

Ashley Greene on Twitter

One of the most iconic uses of music to film is Tom Petty's "Free Fallin" in Jerry Maguire. That's all of us. What a legend.

Sean Fennessey on Twitter

I watched Tom Petty perform at The Hollywood Bowl 10 days ago. He was inspired and tore it down. He smiled through every song.

Getty Images on Twitter

@tompetty has died at 66 years old. #RIP to one of music's most iconic voices.

Ed Helms on Twitter

Thank you, Tom Petty, for all of the light you brought to the world.

The Daily Beast on Twitter

Goodbye, Tom Petty

Nickelback on Twitter

We are heartbroken beyond words. Shattered. Tom Petty's music has been a huge part of our lives. Our thoughts are with his family & friends.


What the hell is going on today. Now Tom Petty 🙁 RIP a real legend inspiration and icon to us

XOCAINE 3 on Twitter

You belong among the wildflowers. You belong soemewhere you feel free." Rest in piece Tom Petty

Chad Smith on Twitter

Love me some Tom Petty #RIPTOM

christo on Twitter

heartbroken by the news. tom petty gave us so much amazing music and we're lucky to have that forever.


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