Today we celebrate the 76th birthday of David Clayton Thomas, of Blood Sweat and Tears! He’s in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and has a star on Canada’s Walk Of Fame.

David’s first album with Blood, Sweat, and Tears sold 10 million copies, and was #1 on Billboard’s album chart for 7 weeks. After a string of hits, David was exhausted by the constant touring, and left B,S,& T in 1972. He released a couple of solo albums, then went back to the group late in 1974. Many years of touring and recording followed.

In 2010, David had heart valve replacement surgery, but has been back touring ever since. That first album of David’s included such greats as Spinning Wheel, And When I Die, and our Wayback Wednesday classic….watch this masterful singer in July, 1993, performing their biggest hit…You’ve Made Me So Very Happy.