Back To School

As the school year begins, it becomes harder to stay organized. Besides your desk, one of the messiest items can be your child’s backpack.

Set your student up for success with these 8 organizers. We are sure they will only help to make both your lives easier!

Pick out a series of nifty zipper pouches. Not only will you be able to place school supplies like pencils or paper clips in these bags, they’ll also look mighty cute! Parents, we are sure there are DIY ways to make these bags online.

Purchase a Bag in Bag for your backpack! This organizer will help you keep all your smaller items together. With the help of a small handle, the item can easily be removed from your bag.

Place a simple lightweight wooden organizer at the bottom of your book bag. This item is perfect for smaller compartments like a front zipper. Gone are the days of no being able to find your phone!

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Even though it may look like a water bottle, Add-A-Twist is the organizational item you’ve been missing from your life. With three compartments, this light item is perfect for erasers, paperclips or any smaller office supplies. Just twist the device and you’re good to go!

Add-A-Twist is the answer to all your packing needs. This multi-purpose container designed by Joachim Nordwall is light, practical and most importantly reliable. ➖ Read more:

70 Likes, 2 Comments - IPPINKA (@ippinka) on Instagram: "Add-A-Twist is the answer to all your packing needs. This multi-purpose container designed by..."

Why spend money on extra organizers when you can purchase a bag with them already built in? This Hooks Avenue book bag will make keeping your items tidy a lot easier.

Tired of untangling your headphones? With this simple Grid-It organizer, all of your tech accessories will be free of knots.

For those students who carry more books and smaller items, this removable backpack organizer is perfect for you! With a wider space to place your Algebra textbooks and notebooks, it’ll keep all your items intact.

Not only do you need to think about organizers for inside of your backpack, you need them for the outside too! Think about purchasing this adorable decorative coat rack. Not only will the hooks allow you to hang up your bags, but also allow for space for your photos.

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