Adopt: Louie

Louie is a wonderful Terrier/Dogo Argentino mix that was literally rescued at the Eleventh Hour by Eleventh Hour Rescue! Louie was stuck in a high kill shelter where his time was up and with moments to spare, Eleventh Hour Rescue went and got him and gave this friendly, happy, gentle giant the chance at a new life! Louie is in foster care with other dogs and enjoys their company and loves everyone he meets! Louie is crate trained, housebroken, good with kids, is obedient and eager to please. We are so thrilled he is getting the chance at a great life. Are you a big dog lover, looking for a gentle giant that will hang by your side? Louie is waiting for you! ADOPT LOUIE!





If you are interested in adopting Louie, please contact the “Eleventh Hour Rescue” at 973-664-0865 or visit their website at