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Tom Hiddleston Not Tough Enough For Bond?

That's what producer Barbara Broccoli feels. 

With all that speculation surrounding Tom Hiddleston being the next James Bond, it looks like it's finally come to a head and failed, just like his relationship with Taylor Swift. (Ouch, that was a heavy burn.)

PageSix says that Broccoli has now persuaded Daniel Craig to do "one more" Bond film, and feels that Tom Hiddleston is "a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond."

Considering before Othello, Daniel Craig felt he'd rather kill himself than play Bond again, (later apologizing for such a graphic description on how he'd kill himself,) we're pretty surprised that he'd go Bond again.

But hey, that is a hefty paycheck, after all.

Guess he'll Die Another Day... See what I did there?

James Bond - Die Another Day (gunbarrel and opening credits)

James Bond - Die Another Day (2002)


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