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5 Witty, Strong, And Unapologetic Women You Should Follow On Twitter

There's something about Twitter that gives us a first hand view of what's going on within people's minds. 

And though there are funny women everywhere (some of the writers around here included, *waives*), we wanted to take this moment to highlight some hilarious, smart, strong, funny, and absolutely unapologetic women we love following on Twitter. Their day to day commentary motivates, inspires, and makes us say "Oh I feel that, girl."

Check out our favorites here, and feel free to share some of your favorites with us!



Trudy on Twitter

So glad we're in the age of possibility of thriving as indie. Doesn't mean a level playing field. It isn't. But at least a chance to create.

Trudy describes herself as an Author, Writer, Photographer, and more. Some of her commentary is uplifting, political, or overall encompassing world issues today.



Anne T. Donahue on Twitter

Tonight we go to bed and we pray to Beyonce for forgiveness and we promise we will try and serve her better tomorrow. https://t.co/4vju72vD25

As a pop culture writer for MTV, she's gotta stay on top of the trends, but she always finds an amazing way to comment on some of the best things. Like for example, this Beyonce tweet. #Queen



Black Girl Nerds on Twitter

Waiting for @Lin_Manuel to grace the silver screen in #MaryPoppinsReturns https://t.co/vLFVWxdUb9 https://t.co/PM1oQPQ7rT

I love this account because they keep on top of African American related trends in nerd-dom, billing themselves as an "online community for nerdy Black women." Their comments are amazing on every subject, and even sometimes something as random as the tweet above is enough to make following them worthwhile.



Laverne Cox on Twitter

I finally saw @HiddenFigures last night. Today I hold my head up higher as a black woman and an American. What a remarkable story!

Laverne Cox is both a strong woman, black, and is one of the leading icons in the Transgender community. Scrolling through her Twitter is a lot of her lifting others up, fighting for the causes that matter to her, and expressing herself in the only way Laverne can.



maura quint on Twitter

Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life because that field isn't hiring.

Maura Quint, who is a contribute to The Onion, among other publications, just says these amazing one-liners that we can't argue with. She's got to be one of the most retweetable women on Twitter.


Who are some of your favorite women to follow on Twitter? Share them with us!


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