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Cadbury is Hiring an Official Chocolate Taster

This may be the greatest job on earth.

Mondelez International, the company which owns Cadbury chocolates has posted a rather appealing job to any chocoholic. Titled “Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster,” the job requires one lucky candidate to taste chocolate part-time. The definite hours of the gig would have you to working 7.5 per week Tuesday-Thursday 12:15-2:45.

All of the taste discussions will take place in the company’s sensory booth in the Consumer Science discussion rooms. Their hopes are to have an individual to give honest and objective feedback to their candy products before they hit the shelves. Working with 11 different panelists, the professional taste tester will share their  thoughts and collaborations.


Cadbury UK on Twitter

Does becoming a Chocolate Taster tickle your tastebuds?We're looking for someone to join our Reading panel.More here


According to the job posting, their main goal is “helping Mondelez perfect and launch an entirely new product all over the world.” Essentially, not only will you be expected to eat a dessert for work, but you will be a part of the team that helps to launch a new kind of chocolate.

Required qualifications for the gig are not too elite. On the job posting, they read “a passion for confectionary and taste buds for detection, honesty when it comes to giving an opinion, page to try new inventive products, a communicative personality to build great relationships with your panel, and a firm grasp on the English Language.”


Cole on Twitter

So the makers of Cadbury and Oreo are hiring for a part time chocolate taster. But you have to move to London...see y'all later✌?✈️

eleanor nicholls. on Twitter

Cadbury are recruiting for a 'chocolate taster' ???I'm over here

Josie Harrison on Twitter

So Cadbury is advertising for an official chocolate taster...


The only downside, for those who live elsewhere, the position is located in England. If you are looking to move, this would definitely be a good starting gig. Unless you have wickedly proficient tastebuds or are a chocolate legacy, we doubt that flying back and forth between the two countries would be a possibility. Regardless, it is quite a cool addition to any resume.

Mondelez International also owns Milka, Prince, and Oreo. Maybe if this job goes well, they will offer you a position tasting chocolates at all of their companies.

One could only dream!


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