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Do You Do Any of These Top 10 Most Annoying Airplane Behaviors?

There are many stressful parts about flying. Are you going to miss your connection? What if your flight gets delayed and you’re forced to kill four hours in the airport? But beyond just the usual stressors associated with air travel, sometimes you’ve got to deal with inconsiderate passengers who can make your trip even more of a hassle.

In fact, Expedia has just released their annual Airplane Etiquette Study, which details the airplane behavior that people find most offensive. This year’s most aggravating onboard behaviors include:


Seat kicking

You’re trying to shut your eyes and listen to some music, but the constant thud of someone kicking the back of your seat prevents you from sinking into total relaxation mode. Yep, it’s no surprise that seat kickers earned a spot at the top of the list.


Inattentive parents

You always wonder about parents who let their children treat the plane as their personal jungle gym, climbing over fellow passengers and throwing tantrums in the aisle as the flight attendants are trying to work. That’s why 59 percent of the 1,005 people surveyed cited neglectful parents as the most annoying airplane behavior.


Other aggravating tendencies included “Audio Insensitive” and “The Boozer” as well as the “Chatty Cathy.” There are few things worse than having your airplane nap interrupted by someone who leans over and says, “So! Where are you headed today?” and you know you’re in for a non-stop conversation throughout the duration of the trip.


Which airplane behaviors do you find most annoying? Share with us in the comments!


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