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Daltrey Ordered By Doctor, Insurance Company To Rest Voice

Here's a new revelation from The Who's Roger Daltrey; he's banned from performing two shows in a row by both his doctor and the band's insurance company.

The singer tells The Mirror in the U.K. that after experiencing vocal problems that has forced the postponement of several shows during the Who Hits 50! Tour this year, Daltrey's doctor has ordered him to take at least one day off between shows, and the tour's insurance carrier is enforcing the edict.

Daltrey tells The Mirror that, "I am not allowed to do two shows in a row because the insurance won't cover me...To put on a tour you have no idea of the cost and we are responsible for 70 people's wages and you cannot jeopardize that insurance and you cannot go on without it."

Daltrey has had surgery in recent years to remove a growth on his vocal cords.

Guitarist Pete Townshend tells us that he has no problem accommodating the situation and feels the rest has helped Daltrey this year:

"I think I care more...about Roger than I used to, and I think I care more about trying to make sure that Roger still has a way of expressing that stuff he always has, because although he's been having vocal problems lately, when he is singing these days he's singing better than ever, I think. So I think there's certainly stuff we can do."


The Who begins the second North American leg of the Who Hits 50! Tour on September 14 in San Diego, while a film from its June 26 performance in London's Hyde Park opens October 7 in movie theaters.





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