Winning Teachers Who Rock 2018

We are proud to welcome the following teachers to the WMTR Teachers Who Rock Class of 2018, presented by the New Jersey Education Association.
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8th Grade Math and Algebra Teacher at Lincoln Park Middle School

Lincoln Park Middle SchoolMs. Guza makes her math class fun for the students at Lincoln Park Middle School. The enthusiasm of all the students in her class is remarkable. To help motivate her students, Ms. Guza sets up challenges among her classes and have them compete for the most against each other on various math problems. Her drive for teaching math has led to her state testing scores to continue to be exceptional year after year.

Ms. Guza brings her passion for the school beyond the classroom. Even though she did not have any experience, she agreed to become a coach of the girls soccer team and worked hard to learn the game and become an effective coach. She uses her success on the field and in the classroom to motivate her students to always persevere. Ms. Guza also started the “Gryphon News broadcast.” She meets with students every afternoon to record the morning announcements that have become a staple of the school. For her ability to motivate students both inside and outside the classroom, we honor Ms. Guza as a Teacher Who Rocks.

1st grade Teacher at Ironia Elementary School

Mrs. Cathy Murphy is a true role model not just for her students, but for her coworkers as well. She is a building representative for the REA and makes sure to pass along important information in a timely manner from union meetings that she attends. She also attends the school PTO meetings as the teacher / staff representative and is often in charge of staff events including the holiday party and end of year party.

Mrs. Murphy has been teaching in the district for the past 14 years and has been a first grade teacher for the past 3 years. Students that are still at Ironia Elementary often stop by the room to give their favorite teacher a hug and to tell her about their day. This isn’t a once in awhile thing, students stop by on a daily basis because she has made such an impact on their life. She cares deeply about each and every one of her students. Mrs. Murphy has had students of all academic levels come through her classroom. She teaches each of them with the same love and compassion. She can always be found modifying lesson plans for students that are having difficulties and often works through her prep and even stays after school to help her students. Mrs. Murphy works with the student’s parents to make sure that their children are doing their very best. She has an outstanding ability to be patient and is not afraid to own up to any mistake that she makes. She teaches her students that “mistakes mean you’re trying.” For being such a caring, understanding, and passionate teacher, we honor Mrs. Murphy as a Teacher Who Rocks.

Kindergarten Teacher at Edith M Decker Elementary School

Miss Anthony is a passionate, caring, and dynamic teacher who is responsible for setting the tone for her students as they begin their educational journey. She assures that her students leave kindergarten with a positive outlook on school and learning. Miss Anthony is fun and animated. She gets up and moves with her students, developing creative learning activities and lessons using songs and catchy tunes. She matches her student’s high energy and enthusiasm for learning.

Miss Anthony is a dedicated, motived, and extremely patient teacher. Her genuine love of teaching and excitement shows her students that school is a wonderful place to be. For her dedication and energy for teaching, we honor Miss Anthony as a Teacher Who Rocks.

Technology Teacher at Woodcliff Middle School

Mr. Maltzan is an incredibly positive role model who inspires the students on a daily basis. He stands at the door greeting each student as they enter the school and the one who finds the unique talent that each child has. Mr. Maltzan primarily teaches video technology and 3D printer, but he also keeps all the technology in the school top notch and incorporates the students into everything he does. He attends all events, making sure the technology runs smoothly.

Mr. Maltzan is also the school’s Renaissance man who shifts from tech to survivor instructor when taking kids on outdoor education programs. All students have mastered the art, and fun, of pine needle tea. He is a student of life, constantly learning new things and bringing his skills back to the school. He is currently learning how to be a blacksmith and building upon that skill to create sculptures.

For being a man of many skills and for sharing them with his school, we honor Mr. Maltzan as a Teacher Who Rocks.

Language Arts Teacher at Sparta High School

Ms. Talty is the epitome of a dedicated educator. She is constantly looking for new ways to engage her students in lessons. She forms incredible, genuine relationships with her students, and always works to make sure every student in her classes has academic and/or personal victories to celebrate throughout the school year. Ms. Talty works with a range of students, especially in her inclusion classes. She makes sure to tier her instruction to the needs of the levels in her class. Many of her former students come back to visit her and some even still send Christmas gifts or cards years later because she has made such an impact on their life.

On top of supporting their academic needs, Ms. Talty teaches her students about character and giving back to those who need it. She has organized fundraisers for district students and families in need and helped students band together to make hats for kids with cancer.

For her skilled approach teaching Language Arts to her students, we honor Ms. Talty as a Teacher Who Rocks.

First Grade teacher at Hillview Elementary School

Hillview Elementary School

Mrs. Alice Galliano is an example of a teacher who puts her students above all else and maintains a positive environment for learning. Many parents request her for their children because of the reputation she has earned as an awesome teacher. Her loving yet stern approach works well with her students. Mrs. Galliano’s knowledge of what students need to learn is unmatched. They regularly exceed expectations in reading, writing, and math. A majority of these students excel throughout their academic career. Mrs. Galliano is dedicated to her class. She arrives early and stays late preparing her lessons. She proudly displays her children’s classwork and artwork around the classroom. Her lessons are always well prepared and thought out.

Mrs. Galliano is also an active member of school committees. She currently serves on the Hillview Sunshine committee and previously on the Consultative and Public Relations committee. As an active member of the community, she regularly supports the Hillview Home and School Association by attending HAS sponsored events.

As a dedicated teacher and member of her community inside and outside the classroom, we honor Mrs. Galliano as a Teacher Who Rocks.