Ranking The Muppet Movies

Jim Henson’s creations first appeared on television in 1976. The Muppet Show was a variety program that brought the lovable puppets and celebrities together. Since then, Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the gang have appeared in over 8 movies with that span of 35 years. In honor of the Muppets’ inventor, Jim Henson’s…

Wes Anderson's Newest Movie Has Gone To The Dogs

When a young pilot crash lands on an island of quarantined dogs, the canines are forced to assist him in helping him find his kidnapped dog Spot. Related posts: See The First 5 Minutes Of 'Ghost In The Shell' Here The First Trailer For 'Thor: Ragnarok' Is Here! Jeff Goldblum Returns To The 'Jurassic' Series 7…

7 Of The Bill Murray-est Moments Of All Time

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8 Of The Best Sports Figures Turned Actors

Former NFL Pro Bowler turned actor Bernie Casey passed away yesterday at the age of 78, and frankly, it’s hard to think of some of our favorite 1980’s comedies without him. Related posts: 6 Netflix Comedy Specials To Watch Right Now Power Rangers Face Mask Collection is Everything San Diego Comic Con Trailer Roundup 2017…

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Dead At 73: Twitter Reaction

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6 Leslie Knope GIFs For Life’s Everyday Moments

Amy Poehler celebrates her birthday today (September 16), and regardless of her past characters on Saturday Night Live and whatever roles she takes in the future, she’ll always be Leslie Knope to us. Related posts: Billy Eichner Is Going To Be Part Of 'American Horror Story' Season 7? 'Daria,' 20 Years Later, What Do They…

5 Of The Most Awkward Celebrity Interviews

Jim Carrey delivered an out-there interview to E! Network's Catt Sadler while attending a New York Fashion Week party recently. Related posts: POLL: What's Chris Pratt's Funniest Role? This Interaction With Gal Gadot And Comic Con Fan Is Everything 9 Best Museums With Andy Warhol Art Actor Who Starred In "The Sopranos" Has Passed Away

4 Unforgettable Frank Vincent Roles

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