Wayback Wednesday

Wayback Wednesday: Grace Kelly

On this day in 1956, actress Grace Kelly became Princess Grace of Monaco, when she married Prince Rainier. Here’s a short newsreel from that day, which captures all the pomp and grandeur of that event, which got the attention of the world.

Wayback Wednesday: Eric Idle

Today marks the 74th birthday of Eric Idle, of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Idle began performing while attending Pembroke College in Cambridge, England, where he met and first worked with several of the other Pythons. In the 70’s they created the amazing show named after them. In 2004, Idle created the Broadway hit Spamalot, which…

Wayback Wednesday: Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club

On February 22nd, 1954, ABC Radio’s Don Mc Neill’s Breakfast Club program was simulcast on TV for the first time. I remember as a young kid hating the Breakfast Club on the radio, where every day it interrupted the Top 40 format on WABC in New York, until they were finally able to drop it…