Wayback Wednesday

Wayback Wednesday: The Beatles "White Album"

This day in 1968, the Beatles released their double album called simply “The Beatles”. It’s better known as "The White Album." An amazing collection of songs. Birthday leads off the album…and here’s Paul McCartney, still performing it as a highlight of his concerts today!

Wayback Wednesday: Petula Clark

Birthday greetings to one of the greatest female pop singers of all time. The amazing Petula Clark is, incredibly, 85 years young today! The British singer, actress, and composer has had a career that spans 7 decades. She was a child star during World War 2 in Britain, and finally came to our attention in…

Wayback Wednesday: David Foster

Wayback Wednesday celebrates the 68th birthday of David Foster, the great Canadian record producer, composer, songwriter and arranger. He’s produced a dizzying array of artists, from Kenny Rogers, to Chicago, Rod Stewart to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson to Barbra Streisand…even Andrea Bocelli.

Wayback Wednesday: Helen Reddy

October 25th marks Helen Reddy’s 76th birthday. The Australian singer and actress came to the U.S. to find fame and fortune and had 15 Top 40 hits, with 6 songs in the Billboard Top 10. 3 of them reached Number one, Including her signature song “I Am Woman”, which became a feminist anthem in 1972.…

Wayback Wednesday: Jackson 5

It was on October 18th, 1969 that the Jackson 5 made their U.S. television debut…remember the Hollywood Palace? Michael and his brothers make quite an impression doing their first hit song “I Want You Back”. And check out MJ showing Diana Ross some dance moves after the tune!

Wayback Wednesday: Janis Joplin

It was on October 4th, 1970 that the world lost the talent of Janis Joplin, who was found dead of a heroin overdose at the age of just 27, in Hollywood. She had completed enough tracks for her second solo album, called “Pearl”, that it was released posthumously, in January, 1971.

Wayback Wednesday: Jim Croce

It was 44 years ago today, September 20, 1973, that we lost Jim Croce. He, along with his guitarist Maury Mulheisen, comedian George Stevens, as well as the pilot, Jim’s manager, and road manager all died when their single engine plane clipped a tree on takeoff in Louisiana, while flying to a show in Sherman,…