Adopt: Paws

It’s PUPPY-TIME at the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter! The shelter is teaming with beautiful puppies, like Paws! Paws is a Lab mix and is waiting for his forever home at Mt. Pleasant with his ten siblings. Paws is 8 weeks old, neutered and a happy, cuddly, friendly puppy that loves the company of other dogs. Paws is expected to be a medium to large size dog and has a gentle disposition. And his litter mates are awesome too…..and come in all different colors. If a puppy in your pack is on the agenda, visit the Mt. Pleasant Animal shelter as they have multiple litters, more coming in and make it a point to meet Paws and his awesome siblings! PUPPIES ROCK!




If you're interested in adopting Paws, call the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter at 973-386-0590 or visit