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Penny For Your Thoughts: Columbia House Files Chapter 11

Today truly is a dark day in music as everyone’s favorite mail-order service Columbia House has filed for bankruptcy.

Per The Wall Street Journal, the famed retailer known for their “Eight CDs for a penny” deal is citing the rise of digital and streaming services for their downfall.  When you’re worth a mere $2 million but owe $63 million to over 250 creditors, it’s pretty understandable why Columbia House made the decision to file Chapter 11.

Of course, like most people (including this writer), I’m sure this was the first thought upon learning this news:  “Wait…COLUMBIA HOUSE STILL EXISTS?!”

What some people might not have known is that Columbia House stopped selling music in 2010 and began selling only DVDs…

…and then Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, et al happened, and you know the rest.

So, in honor of those times you panicked, because you realized you were on the hook for buying how many albums at full-retail price, here’s a one of the many classic Columbia House commercials we all know and love and that damn jingle that always got stuck in your head for days.  For added nostalgia, check out some of their past magazine ads below, too!








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