McCartney’s ‘Pipes of Peace’ and ‘Tug Of War’ Reissues Due Out October 2nd

Looks like we have specifics on those Paul McCartney reissue rumors that came out earlier this month.

Per Sir Paul’s website, the reissues for 1982’s Tug of War and 1983’s Pipes of Peace will be coming out October 2nd in a variety of different formats and mixes.  Seriously, there’s so much going on that it’s almost overwhelming, but here’s everything that you need to know:

  • Each album will be released on 180-gram audiophile vinyl that will contain download cards for digital copies.
  • For those that just want digital versions, each album will be available as Hi-Res downloads
  • Special Editions & Deluxe Editions will feature a separate disc of bonus audio.
  • Bonus DVDs and exclusive books are only included on Deluxe Editions.
  • 1000 Super Deluxe sets of each album will be available, which will include five hand numbered prints of images from the Linda McCartney archive.

Check out the track listing and the preview videos below for more details!

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Tug of War
Track Listing

Disc 1: Remixed album
01. Tug of War (Remixed 2015)
02. Take It Away (Remixed 2015)
03. Somebody Who Cares (Remixed 2015)
04. What’s That You’re Doing? (Remixed 2015)
05. Here Today (Remixed 2015)
06. Ballroom Dancing (Remixed 2015)
07. The Pound Is Sinking (Remixed 2015)
08. Wanderlust (Remixed 2015)
09. Get It (Remixed 2015)
10. Be What You See (Link) (Remixed 2015)
11. Dress Me Up As a Robber (Remixed 2015)
12. Ebony and Ivory (Remixed 2015)

Disc 2 – Original album
01. Tug of War
02. Take It Away
03. Somebody Who Cares
04. What’s That You’re Doing?
05. Here Today
06. Ballroom Dancing
07. The Pound Is Sinking
08. Wanderlust
09. Get It
10. Be What You See (Link)
11. Dress Me Up As a Robber
12. Ebony and Ivory

Disc 3 – Bonus Audio
01. Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From [Demo] (previously unreleased)
02. Wanderlust [Demo] (previously unreleased)
03. Ballroom Dancing [Demo] (previously unreleased)
04. Take It Away [Demo] (previously unreleased)
05. The Pound Is Sinking [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
06. Something That Didn’t Happen [Demo] (previously unreleased)
07. Ebony and Ivory [Demo] (previously unreleased)
08. Dress Me Up As a Robber/Robber Riff [Demo] (previously unreleased)
09. Ebony and Ivory [Solo Version] (B-side of Ebony and Ivory 12” single)
10. Rainclouds (B-side of Ebony and Ivory 7” single)
11. I’ll Give You a Ring (B-side of Take It Away single)

Disc 4 – Bonus Film 
01. Tug of War Music Video (Version 1)
02. Tug of War Music Video (Version 2)
03. Take It Away Music Video
04. Ebony and Ivory Music Video
05. Fly TIA - Behind The Scenes on Take It Away (new 18 minute documentary using previously unreleased archive footage)


Pipes of Peace
Track Listing

Disc 1 – Remastered Album (Stereo)
01. Pipes of Peace
02. Say Say Say
03. The Other Me
04. Keep Under Cover
05. So Bad
06. The Man
07. Sweetest Little Show
08. Average Person
09. Hey Hey
10. Tug of Peace
11. Through Our Love

Disc 2 – Bonus Audio
01. Average Person [Demo] (previously unreleased)
02. Keep Under Cover [Demo] (previously unreleased)
03. Sweetest Little Show [Demo] (previously unreleased)
04. It’s Not On [Demo] (previously unreleased)
05. Simple As That [Demo] (previously unreleased)
06. Say Say Say [2015 Remix] (previously unreleased)
07. Ode to a Koala Bear (B-side of ‘Say Say Say’ single)
08. Twice in a Lifetime (bonus track from 1993
09. Christian Bop (previously unreleased)

Disc 3 – DVD
01. Pipes of Peace Music Video
02. So Bad Music Video
03. Say Say Say Music Video
04. Hey Hey in Montserrat (previously unreleased home movie footage, 3 mins)
05. Behind the Scenes at AIR Studios (previously unreleased 6 min edit)
06. The Man (previously unreleased home movie footage, 4 mins)