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Attention Local Business Owners!

Are you a business owner looking to stand out and boost your brand awareness? With today's widespread use of the internet, tablets, and smartphones you'll want to market both on-Air AND online! Learn how Radio, combined with the power of Social Media and Interactive Marketing, can make your business top of mind.

Be Prepared for Hurricane Joaquin

At this time, Hurricane Joaquin has been upgraded to a Category 4 Hurricane and Governor Chris Christie has declared a State of Emergency in New Jersey ahead of severe weather. NOW is the time to make plans for contending with the storm. We need to make sure that our families and property are as safe as possible.

How McCartney Inspired Lennon To Write ‘Double Fantasy’

A new book from music journalist Paul Du Noyer called Conversations With McCartney contains excerpts from interviews Du Noyer conducted with Paul McCartney over the past 35 years, and one such excerpt, McCartney hints at how his single “Coming Up” helped spur John Lennon to get back into the studio to record what eventually became…